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Friday, November 23, 2012

Smoking at Work

As posted on Print the Legend by Choc:

Breathing through a stick of Marlboro lights in the smoking area on the side of my office building, which was uncharacteristically empty on a cold rainy night, I was so bored I was half-consciously counting the number of puffs it took me to finish my cigarette.–  Fourteen.
Fourteen breaths for one cigarette. Is that how many breaths I lose, kind of literally, with every cigarette I take?
How much smoking happens in my office anyway?
Suppose Yosi Kadiri, is to come to the office and heroically offers:
PS: I need to learn Photoshop badly..
“I will liberate you from the clutches of this deadly vice.. I will smoke your cigarettes for you and suffer this bodily corruption for your freedom.”  
What is he up against?
Last time I heard, there were about 600 employees in my office. Last time I read, about 28% of the Philippine adult population are smokers.
Assuming the office is a cross section of the Philippine adult population, then there’d be around 168 smoker employees in all. Let’s say each one smokes about 3 sticks per day and takes 14 puffs to finish one cigarette, then on a given day, there will be 7,056 breaths made through 504 cigarettes in the office.
For perspective, a normal person breathes about 12 times per minute, and If we are to “convert” these 504 sticks of cigarettes into one “Godfather” cigarette” it will be more than 80 feet long.
That is to say, poor Yosi Kadiri will have to climb up the 9th floor and smoke this “godfather” cigarette which will extend from his lips to the ground 9 floors below.
And to finish it, he will have to puff it for 10 hours non-stop.  Good luck.

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