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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Last Grind

Lost between the crevices,
are dusts of what have been.
Scampering, trying to hang-on,
palms tensed, brows dripping sweat.

The futility of it all is pitiful,
the innocence has persevered cluelessly,
trudged unknowingly, lost even before it began,
crumbling pillars of sleight.

Armed with shattered pieces,
it was all for naught.
Bleak realization has come,
still desperately clinging, enduring.

For life is such-- everything eventually succumbs,
time is both an affliction and a relief,
possessing and then liberating,
as she slowly fades away.

Rob LP
4:37 PM

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I Love You More =)

Note: This is in response to I Love You =)


I love you more than the break of morning,
where the sun casts its warm comforting glow,
where hope sprouts anew,
and sensibility restored.

I love you more than the exhilaration,
of doing something new,
where the novelty of it all,
fills your senses, prods your faculties.

I love you more than the peace and quiet,
bursts of tranquilness ever so elusive,
even the raging storms pale in comparison,
to the intensity of my affection for you.

I love you more than our thousand days,
brimming with fervor unimaginable,
dappled with shadows of all strokes here and there,
tears don't really matter when all that's me is you. 

10:56 AM


Image result for cold desolate ice night
Image from Narcodigitalhedonism
Naked, shivering, cold
thread slowly
thins sheets of ice are beneath me.
You stumbled
once or twice don't seem enough.

Lit a cigarette
smoke billows up to the sky,
follow your gaze to the stars,
what's there in the pale moonlight,
what's there on the other side?

Glint of a sharp knife's steel
hold it in your hand so welcoming,
borrow it's thoughts you'd be free,
of the place you once belonged,
bid farewell
it all ends here.

11/12 - 8:17am


Image result for eye in the dark
Image from SpiritualHealingSource.com

Straddle the passion,
Eyes wide open,
Screaming in silence.

Release that laughter,
So long unheard,
Kept in the depths.

Out of the void,
But only temporary,
Go be wild and free.

Only this is,
Ever so fleeting,
A taste of what's not.

CBTL Venice Piazza

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Thank you for visiting my website! I promise to write more, it's just that I'm preparing for one of the most important days of my life --our wedding-- which is this coming month! Yay!

Will write soon!