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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have a break! (aka Philippine Holidays 2012)

Image from SeoPinay
Mid-year and I'm just having this post... guess it's better late than never --and there are a lot of remaining holidays left!

Plot your vacation wisely and use these breaks as a means to recharge and catch up on those things you said you planned to do but never had the time.

Below is a list of Philippine holidays and special non-working days as posted on the Philippine government's Official Gazette.

  • January 1, Sunday – New Year’s Day (regular holiday)
  • January 23, Monday – Chinese New Year 
  • February 25, Saturday – EDSA Revolution Anniversary (special holiday)
  • April 5 – Maundy Thursday (regular holiday)
  • April 6 – Good Friday (regular holiday)
  • April 7 – Black Saturday (special non-working day, as per Proclamation No. 360, s. 2012)
  • April 9, Monday – Araw ng Kagitingan (regular holiday)
  • May 1, Tuesday – Labor Day (regular holiday)
  • June 12, Tuesday – Independence Day (regular holiday)
  • August 21, Tuesday – Ninoy Aquino Day
  • August 27, Monday – National Heroes Day (regular holiday)
  • November 1, Thursday – All Saints Day (special non-working day)
  • November 2, Friday – (Additional special non-working day)
  • November 30, Friday – Bonifacio Day (regular holiday)
  • December 24, Monday – (Regular holiday by virtue of Proclamation 361, s. 2012)
  • December 25, Tuesday – Christmas Day (regular holiday)
  • December 30, Sunday – Rizal Day (regular holiday)
  • December 31, Monday – Last Day of the Year (special non-working day)
As the list was last modified on June 25th, you may proceed to this page to check on the updates.


  1. Thank you very for this useful sum-up of holidays in the Philippines ;)

    1. You're welcome! Are you based in France? =)

  2. Hello,

    Yes I'm based in France but I lived in the Philippines for 1 year and half. I hope to be based there one day :)
    Actually I'm developing an itinerary application to assist tourists to travel in the Philippines.

    If you know people who can assist me knowing the different itineraries in the Philippines, the help is very welcome.
    You can take a look here : http://www.philippines-holidays.com/project-itinapp/

    Thanks ;)

    1. Hi Julien,

      That's great! What partnership are you looking for in particular? Travel agencies? Let me know. =)

    2. Hi,

      Not really a partnership, something more like people who desire to share their travel experience in Philippines and report me some itineraries they did with the cost and travel duration details so I can add it on my application.

      I do it on my spare time and I just want to share the different possibilities of itinerary available in your wonderful country :)