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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rasterbating Clint Eastwood

What happens when you're all alone in your boring room, with the blank walls gaping at you, compelling you to do something with your hands? Simple. You give in. You lie on your bed and close your eyes. You clear your mind and you start being creative. You start picturing things out...and then you just do it. You RASTERBATE.

Wait, what were you thinking? According to the Urban Dictionary, rasterbate means "creating a picture larger than a piece of paper by printing out the picture in sections sized to a page, then connecting those pages in the proper order". In other words, it's simply tiled printing.

We rasterbated Clint!

So how does one rasterbate?
First, decide on that picture you want to see on you wall for quite some time. You don't have to linger in this part as you can easily change it anytime. We wanted a more bad-ass look to the room, so we decided on Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry poster. Save the picture you've chosen to your computer.
Next, you must download this small-sized user friendly software called The Rasterbator to convert your chosen image. You may download it directly from Arje.net or try the one from Softonic.

Start rasterbating your chosen image by simply running the program and following the instructions on your screen. Print the tiled images when you're done.
Afterwards, if you're feeling lazy, just put them up your wall. What we did though to give the poster more dimension was to paste the printed tiles on styrofoams first before arranging them on the wall. We also pasted black paper on the styrofoams' side to make it more presentable.


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