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Friday, July 26, 2013

Deciding On The Best Time for an Outdoor Wedding in Manila

Caution: Please do not depend solely on weather forecasts as there's always a possibility of rain especially here in the Philippines. This is just my way of choosing a wedding date since I badly wanted an outdoor wedding. =p 

The first thing I did was to go to Meoweather to check Manila's average weather report by month. I reiterate that I have no idea if these online sites are accurate, so aside from their report, I did a countercheck with my first-hand experiences of living in Manila for 28 years.
Check-out the Average Rainfall Column

Based on the chart, Feb March and April of each year received the lowest daily and monthly average rainfall. 

Now, since the Philippines has a tropical climate in general and there are months were humidity is really sickening, we had to go consult the chart once more and check which among the three (3) selected months had the coolest temperature: 

Tada! February it is!

But hey, I was still a bit skeptical about this. Yes, February may have received the lowest rainfall, but there still IS rainfall! Now, we're going to look at the historical weather report on Feb. 27 (we want our wedding date to be on the 27th) in a span of ten years just to make sure that the chance of rain on that exact date is low. For that, let's visit Tutiempo

...Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find an option to view all Feb. 27's from 2004 to 2013 in one go, so I had to list it down one by one. Here's the result:

Oh well, there's still a 10% chance of rain. Guess we'll have to look at tent suppliers after all! Phew!

Now that we're done with selecting the date, how about the best time to have a glimpse of the sunset? Let's seek TimeAndDate for this: 

So anytime around 6pm I guess!

Conclusion: We're looking at FEBRUARY as the wedding month since it receives very little rain + the weather is not that scorching hot. The 27th is okay, and if we want to catch the sunset for the post-nuptial shots, the ceremony and dinner should come between 3-9PM. All we need now is to keep our fingers crossed and to not forget to offer a sun dance on the day of the wedding. =p

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