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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Think I Am Getting Married!

From Fabulously Wed
Well this is actually sort of a super late post. Honestly, we've been discussing this über momentous event since December last year. Thing is, I just don't want to jinx this event by posting too early and not seeing it pull through after all; but time is going tick tock, the notes are piling up, and in a few weeks, I might lose my chance of posting all my tips and ideas due to my obviously hectic schedule. 

We've actually chosen this coming 11.12.13 (11Dec2013) as our wedding date. Reason being 11 (eleven) is such a memorable day for us, and for some people, the number deemed lucky. Originally though, we'd like to retain June 27 as it is the day we became an official couple. However, six months of planning isn't enough and damn if we'll wait for another arduous year, ha! (Side note: We've been together for 11 years!) 

Anyway, expect me to be posting a lot of wedding tips and details in the coming days. Meantime, here are my two cents worth for couples who are in their initial stages of planning: 

1. Marry for the right reasons - First and foremost, make sure that you love the person you're with. I'm not talking about that feeling of infatuation that every new couple gets to experience in the beginning. As a matter of fact, make sure that you've had some tough times and a couple of fights first. It's best to know the other person's strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and temperament before you actually jump into such a different life. For me, other reasons aside from love is completely unacceptable. (Unless you have another motive of course!) 

2. Dream big - Budget aside, picture out what your wedding's going to be. I tell you, if you're resourceful enough, you can still achieve your dream wedding regardless of the depth of your pockets. With this, use the power of attraction, believe that blessings will come to you one way or another. Do not fret. Everything's gonna be alright. 

3. Avoid unnecessary drama - Do not let yourself fall into the trap of proving yourself to others. Did your friends or relatives have extravagant weddings? Are you thinking about showing off to your colleagues even if you don't have enough funds? Are any of your parents or relatives judgmental? If you answered yes to any of the above, then stop and reflect. Your wedding is supposed to be your day. Do what makes you comfortable. Avoid incurring a lot of debts that might put dent and pressure on your relationship later on. Even if you think you'll be able to pay for it later, be practical. Anything can happen to the economy and even to the job market. Besides, you'll have a lot of expenses to worry about later on once you've started living together. Also, if you have real friends and a batch of supportive relatives, they'd be happy simply seeing you get married -- pomp, bells and whistles aside. 

4. Chill - Planning and putting together everything may seem daunting and stressful. So try to relax. Cherish this moment and don't pick a fight with your partner as he or she might back out. Hehehe. Later on I'll share how I'm able to organize everything despite the relatively limited amount of time and resources. 

There! I guess I just covered the basics! So do yourself a favor; plant a peck on your partner's cheek -- you may hug him or her too if you like --and tell that person straight in the eye that this too shall pass (I mean the preps), and your wedding would turn out great in the end for as long as you're there for each other. After all, you two are the reason behind the celebration and all that hoopla.

Update as of 24July2013: Due to some circumstances, we decided to move our wedding date within Q1 of 2014. It's my parents' 30th wedding anniversary which falls on Jan. 1, and they're planning to have their renewal of vows. We didn't want to steal their thunder, so better to move ours instead (as if we can move their date hehehe).

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