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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wedding Planning 101

I don't know about you, but alas, we don't have inexhaustible moolah. Timing and logistics are other issues. Thus, a carefully laid out plan is necessary. A simple notebook could be handy, but it won't do the trick -- not with all those changes you're going to make! What we actually need is a new best friend; something you can definitely count on which is.... none other than... our ever trusted spreadsheet! 

I cannot thank the internet enough for the vast amount of resources available. If you're planning to get married anytime soon, you may check out these FREE DOWNLOADABLE FILES and calculators custom-made for wedding planning. You need to register first to some of them though:

Local (Ph):
Image from Carolina Weddings Mag

Personally, I prefer the one from Kasal.com.ph as it has everything: a calculator, a to-do list, requirements in getting a marriage license, guest list and song planner, even a supplier chart where you can keep all your contacts! It was so efficient that I used their workbook as a basis for my very own spreadsheet where I merged the to-do list with the calculator so I can easily sort according to target date of completion or to calculate how much we need in a certain month. To top it off, I added a column for "Needs/ Nice-to-Haves" so I can prioritize well. I also added a color coding program where it automatically highlights the cell with a specific color depending on its status. Sweet! It looks something like this:

My very own wedding planner
 Just send me an email or comment below if you want a copy of template I made. =)

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