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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vintage Wedding Palettes

Ever since, our dream wedding theme has always been vintage. We just love old stuff! Black and white movies, film noir, classic novels, the architecture, the fashion, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, sepia, et cetera! There was no problem at all in choosing a theme -- well we still have to decide what kind of vintage we'd want to channel (say shabby chic, rustic, Hollywood, rat pack, kitschy), but at least it's all vintage.

Here are some vintage palettes we're having a hard time choosing from:
Peach+Coral+hint of Green from HillCityBride
Aqua+Orange from BridalMusings

Red+Black+White from OffbeatBride
Mint+Coral+Soft Pearl from MintStudio
Red+Mint+Pink from MarthaStewart

Greens+Blues+Peaches+Marigold from TheBohemianBride

Seafoam+Coral from WedCoupon
Teal+Aqua+Dusty Rose+Blush from Elizabeth Andres

To help us select the perfect wedding palette, we'd have to take into consideration the season (in Philippines it's just either sunny or rainy), the existing colors in the booked wedding venue (to make sure it'll blend in), the photography and video styling and of course, we should be able to find materials in those colors.

For now, we're still pretty undecided, but we're gearing towards those warm colors with a hint of blue, green, peach and coral -- basically a combined version of those colors above.

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