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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey (2011)

The first of three
Yes, I guiltily jumped on the bandwagon.

I first came across Fifty Shades of Grey via an article about how it was taking the world by storm. I was in doubt. If it was, I would have heard of it, right? But til then, I hadn't. So I went on reading the article, found out the novel sort of became famous 'underground' since it clearly had a niche --erotica slash mommy porn as some people dub-- but nevertheless a hit, and a bestseller at that! (Actually, all the books in the series) So curious as I was, knowing that *ehem* I'm old enough, I got my own copy.

The novel was about Anastasia Steele, an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) and soon-to-graduate university student who had to interview the young, rich, famous, and handsome Christian Grey for the school newspaper. They were instantly attracted to each other. And just when Ana thought they had a chance, Christian had offered her something else, the only thing he knew.. a dom-sub relationship. And the rest was history...
Matt Bomer (pic from IMDB)

Okay, I admit the book technically wasn't written in a way that would make it go down in history. But do give EL James a break, it's just her first, and so much unexpected at that since it actually started as a Twilight fanfic entitled Master of the Universe. And how do we measure success nowadays anyways? Just Google online and see for yourself how the book had elicited so many raves..and rants, touched a lot of hearts.. including mine, and raised a lot of eyebrows. Personally, I guess it owed its success to a heady mix of unrealistic Christian + navel-gazing Ana + steamy love scenes + stream of consciousness technique + a well chosen playlist (EL even compiled it all in YouTube!) embedded in the story.

Btw, I also heard that some outfit had already bought the movie rights and so the film version is soon to be in the works.. Please please let Matt Bomer be Christian Grey. That's exactly how I'd imagined him to be...

Will be posting more info soon about the Part 2- Fifty Shades Darker and Part 3- Fifty Shades Freed.

"Laters, baby!"

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