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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Search for a New Hairstyle This 2012

I easily get bored with my hair. That's why as much as possible, I change my hairstyle every now and then. Boy, I've probably tried everything -- except for pixie, that is. From boy cut, to shaggy, to mid length layers, one length cut, stick straight, wavy, digiperm, rainbow (that's my mom's term because it looks like one), full bangs, side bangs, no bangs, parted in the center, or left, or right, or no partition at all aka brush up. Ha, I can go on! Thing is, my last hairstyle, which was half digiperm was really close to my heart. I hadn't had it changed for more than a year which is eternity in my hairstyle lifespan. Why? Well to name a few..

My long outdated mane
  1. It was so easy to maintain. I could survive a day without combing my hair.
  2. Actually, I rarely combed my hair, I just finger comb it once it had dried.
  3. I didn't have to blow dry my hair or wait for it to dry before going out, no specific form was necessary.
  4. All you had to do is twirl and scrunch it every once in a while!
  5. Finally, the look looked (vocabulary shortage haha) party ready all the time sans all those unnecessary preparations!

Sad to say, it all had to end. It had grown waist long already, weighing my face down, the roots were so dry with a couple of split-ends, and... (drum roll) I had been depressed. And when I'm down, all I need is a haircut! Which reminds me that it was the same reason I spent some serious amount of cash for my digiperm!

Now, I really wanted to try pixie. It looked good on Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, even on my mom who had no choice since her hair was just growing its way out again after some chemotherapy sessions. But then again, I'm not as pretty as them! Frankly, it's such a drastic change, and I might get married soon (oh really now?), so of course I wouldn't want to look more masculine than my groom! In short, pixie is out.

My new hairstyle!
Finally, I got interested in bob cut. It looked so edgy and such a far cry from my long curls!.. But, there are lots of styles to choose from and I was lost in no time. So began the process of elimination. I have a diamond-long-shaped face, so I zeroed in on celebrities  with a bob who have similar face shape like mine. It was Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway who laid the final brick. Anne Hathaway had a shoulder bob, while Liv Tyler had a one length shoulder cut. There's very little difference actually, therefore I decided to mix both.

Here are some pictures I grabbed online to show to the hairstylist. See how chic and versatile the hairstyle is, whether it's straight, wavy or curly. I was screaming yay, another LOW MAINTENANCE cut!

Don't they look lovely?

Image from Hairspotlight.com

Image from Hairstyleagain.com 

Image from Styleruminative.blogspot.com

Image from Talkingmakeup.com 

Image from Dailymakeover.com 

Image from Handbag.com

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