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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Darla,

The first time I saw you a couple of years ago, I thought we wouldn't get along. You looked too classy and boring for my taste, and frankly, you were very intimidating, and I was so in love with NYF* back then! So life just went on and you were completely forgotten.

From Yellow Cab Phils.**
 NYF and I dated a few more times since then. Yes we were happy. I had always gotten what I'd expected, and I think NYF did too as she was ALWAYS appreciated! Little did I know that we would cross each other's path someday. And boy, when that time came, when I actually had the guts to talk to you (as people around me never stopped teasing), I was instantly smitten. You were entirely different from all the others.

You had the trait of pizza that everybody loved, which meant you're cool and not boring,  but you also had the salad vibe, which showed how concerned you were for everyone's health. I also loved the arugula and alfalfa sprouts. Who would've thought that together, they were a powerhouse when combined with the thin crusted pie coated with tomato sauce and cheese, and sprinkled with more fresh vegetables and pepperoni! Aaaahhhh... and the smell... your smell! It transported me to an early morning in the pasture, when the freshly cut grass emitted a melody of sweet and bitter fragrance.

By the way, your name was also interesting, and so I asked around and found out somewhere that it was actually inspired by the movie, The Little Rascals (1994), more specifically by the characters Darla and Alfalfa. Darn, that was ingenious!

Anyway, all I could say is, I would never forget you. I knew we had to part ways for a while, but trust me, I'd go looking for you, for you were one of a kind.

There, you made me go crazy,
Fam's Taste Buds

Post Script: To get a taste of Dear Darla Pizza, go to Yellow Cab's site and order now!

*New York's Finest

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