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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Good in the Bad

I’ve struggled with myself from time to time. I think it’s innate already; worrying about my future, wallowing in the present and consistently dwelling on the past… pessimistic as they say, or probably just excessively practical?

They say that misery comes as waves. Just when you think you’re recuperating, when everything seems to be going well, without further ado it hits you straight in the face again, like you don’t deserve a more agreeable life, like it was already casted in stone that you have to start from scratch over and over again and relieve that painful reality.

It won’t really stop, will it?

Good thing is, after every cold splash on your face, you become more unaffected by it. It hurts as hell at first, but that too eventually wears off in time, you just have to get used to it. Then after eternity, the feeling finally becomes non-existent. We all know that it will never stop bothering you, but anyway it has become harmless already, pleasantly reminding you that you are one hell of a survivor...

Well, it doesn’t end there. Sooner or later, bigger sets of waves will come to seek you. But at least we know that we can freely hope for something better. There has to be a way. There always will be.

Of course, I have had my own dose of good and bad days. I’m thankful for the latter for it gives more meaning to the former.

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