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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Talking Senses

One reason why you might be reading this post right now is that you're totally lost. I know. Usually blogs are user friendly, but someone as quirky as I had to come up with something else. Yes, I'm talking about the menu bar on top of this page which looks like this:

To help you make it through, here's a summary of each tab to guide you in your Talking Senses surfing process:

Errrr... okay, I'm not that quirky. As with other blogs, you'll find all the latest posts here.

This page summarizes the things you might stumble on in this site. You won't find much here actually.

I'm scared of being accused of plagiarism. The web is such an open space! So all things copied and pasted are found here, with links to the original sources of course.

Sometimes, souls of great writers suddenly put me under spell. Whenever that happens, things I compose end up in this page. They are almost a hundred percent poems.

My hands are more talkative than my mouth. So any article I write, may it be tips, reviews, endless chatters that may or may not fall under other categories, I put here. 

I like watching movies! Of any sort! Unfortunately, most movies don't linger much in my memory, and it's really difficult organizing movie review thoughts that's why you may see fewer posts in this page.

Yes, I am underweight. So this page shouldn't belong here, or should it? Though I'm not a big eater, I still like trying stuff every once in a while. That said, I guess this page deserves a seat in this blog.

I Do
All about the crazy, stressful, happy journey I/we had to take before we make it to the altar! 

I'm not big on trips. Hey, I'm a very busy person! That's why I must write something here on the rare days that I go out of town. Something to look back upon every once in a while.

The Anthology tab contains my own literary compositions, but this tab shall contain book reviews or other featured book reads.

When I run out of things to say, I come up with really short comments or outbursts which are usually accompanied by pictures (the pictures alone must do the talking!). You know, Tumblr-like style where a pic and a caption will do... whatever.. you'll find it here.

So there! I hope you don't get lost. If all else fails, there's always that Lost and Found Corner at the upper right hand corner of my site a.k.a. Search Box to help you find your way.

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