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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love that Snooze Button

"A shrill ringing grabbed me from the depths of my dreams. I blindingly reached out for the source of that blatant sound. It's now 5:30 am. Too early. I knew I could do my morning rituals way faster than usual. So I pressed the snooze button and went back to sleep in no time...
Gawd! It's 7:00 already! And I had to leave at 7:20 to be at work at 8! Why didn't I hear the alarm again???? I was way too close to being fired!"

I'm still sleepy. 5 minutes more won't hurt, right?

Feels familiar eh?

I know. THE morning rush. I had been in that situation too, actually, I still do experience that a couple of times every week. So whatever your reason is, the thing is I've got brilliant ideas to help you counteract the gosh-I'm-running-late feeling just because you fail to wake up on time.

The Sure-Fire Ways to Save Time in the Morning:

1. Prepare your outfit and bag the night before. All that closet-digging, fitting and ironing, not to mention the search for the right shoes and the prepping of your things can waste a lot of valuable time in the morning. If you're always running late, I assume your closet is also messy, which makes it longer for you. So the best thing to do, is to of course, do those things before you sleep. (Saves 15 minutes)

2. Take a long bath at night. Washing your hair and blow drying it, as well as doing your body scrub in the morning takes eons, especially if you're a girl. If you do it the night before, you can either just rinse your body in the morning, or skip it altogether to save time. Of course, you shouldn't skip washing your privates and your face. Hello!!! (Saves 30 minutes)

3. Stock your cupboard with powdered instant coffee. Brewing coffee in the morning and opening jars of creamer and sugar takes time. So if you can't start the day without coffee, just grab that 3-in-1, mix it with 3/4 hot water and 1/4 cold water so you can drink it all at once without waiting for it too cool down. (Saves 6 minutes) 

4. Eat easy to prepare breakfast. It's not advisable for anyone to delay breakfast just because they don't have enough time. Remember that your body needs energy to sustain you throughout the day. Here are some examples of foods you can consume in a jiffy:

  • bread and jam
  • crackers
  • oatmeal
  • cup noodles
  • fruits
  • microwaved left-overs

(Saves 10 minutes)

5. The power of mouthwash. Of course a dentist would openly disagree. But if you're on a hurry, the 3-minute brushing technique should be let go! After all, you can always bring your toothbrush and do it later when you have timed-in already. (Saves 3 minutes)

6. Put your beauty kit necessities on a wide table right in front of the mirror. Opening drawers and cabinets take time and effort. So put them on an accessible area so you can reach for them without fuss. (Saves about a minute)

7. Mix your moisturizer and foundation before applying to face. Instead of applying them separately, mix them up first on your palm and just apply them once. Brilliant right?(Saves 1 minute)

8. Skip that heavy make-up. Just dot on concealer on the areas to hide, put some powder, curl your lash and dab some lipstick. Anyway, your face won't change no matter how much effort you put on it. (Saves 3 minutes)

9. Don't wear high-heels. Of course it might oppose with number one. But you can always wear slippers temporarily and just dunk your heels in your bag and wear them once you arrive in your office. I tell you, you will have to run or walk fast to beat that grace period. You don't want to trip, don't you? (Saves 5 minutes? It depends on how far you need to be on foot.)

10. Have extra money in your wallet. When you're too late, you can't wait in line at the bus stop. So even if it's a pain in the pocket, you really have to take a cab. (Saves 20 minutes)

That's all I can think of for now. Look at how much time you can save! However, I didn't write this to tolerate your oversleeping habits. It's always better to have self-discipline and skip snoozing altogether, as constant snoozing drains your energy even before you actually get up, but the list sure comes in handy whenever you're in a tight spot like this.

So readers, I'm sure you have some tips going on too. (I can even name some more!) You can always contribute in the comment box for more tips. Anyway, I got to go too! I'm running late!! =p 

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