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Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Leave Me Alone

Waking up with a nightmare is such a bad start to your day,
washing it off won't help at all.
Getting through your destination is another story.
You're lucky if you arrive there whole.

You try to concentrate on sensible things but it seems futile,
the unfortunate events come flashing back into your mind.
You attempt to distract yourself with everything that seems considerable,
as expected, it didn't work... and you bet that nothing ever will...

Over and over it stalks your already chaotic mind,
What the hell shall you do?
You already tried everything, you've exhausted all your energies,
still, it clings on to you like it's already a part of you...

When will this ever end?
You're afraid of going to sleep tonight
as sure as the moon will rise, you're about to relive it again..
and the same thing will happen over and over...

You're very helpless, there's nothing you can do,
guess you should just wait for it to get tired of you.
But when? Until it has shattered every inch of you?
And you wake up one day not knowing "you"?

September 17, 2007
Fam Mam

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