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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trying to Find Out Who Really Won the Pacquiao - Marquez Fight (November 2011)

Attached are the Scorecards side by side with the compubox tally of the Pacquiao-Marquez 3 fight. Looking at them it's interesting to note the following items to help in the ongoing debate regarding the result of this fight. 

Scorecard Rounds 1-6 (from michaeldsellers.com)

Scorecard Rounds 7-12 (from michaeldsellers.com)


There were 6 "easy" rounds to score, which were unanimously given to either fighters: 
  • Pac - 1,3,6
  • Marq - 4,5,7

It's interesting to note that rounds 4 and 5 were unanimously given to Marq, BUT THESE ROUNDS WERE WON BY PACQUIAO according to compubox figures.

Now this means that judges were actually favoring to "better" shots by Marquez over the #of hits made by Pacman--Which is rightly so in my opinion. The compubox figures therefore do not dictate the fight's winner, in fact, if im not mistaken, in their 2nd fight, Marquez actually won the compubox but lost in the judges scorecards.

Moving on, if we cancel the obvious" rounds out, then the fight's winner now depends on the remaining rounds that were more "competitive" and therefore harder to score.

These remaining 6 rounds were won by a fighter through a "Majority," i.e. 2 out of the 3 judges scored it in favor of one fighter: 

  • Pac - 2,8, 9,10,11,12 --> rd 8 was actually won by Marq in the compubox 
  • Marquez - NONE

So far, it looks like that i can no longer use the argument that "cleaner hits" were not given due weight since obviously, the judges did so with rounds 4,5, and 8. Now all I need is a copy of the fight so I can try to score it for a second time, especially the 6 "majority" rounds that all went to pacquiao. Hopefully after seeing the fight again and scoring in a more detached and objective manner, I'll stop debating anymore (with myself or others) and be able to definitively say who won this fight.

The Match:

So after replays and replays of the fight (muted and not), this is the most objective i can get to scoring the fight:

I scored it 115-113 for Pacquiao: 

Rd 1 - Pac
Rd 2 - Marq ---> i gave this round to Marq because he had the more telling shots even though Pac was the aggressor.
Rd 3 - Pac
Rd 4 - Marq
Rd 5 - Marq
Rd 6 - Pac
Rd 7 - Marq
Rd 8 - Pac --> Marq countered very well in this rd practically negating all of pacs hits, but pac initiated the action. Here i think its correct to give it to pac for aggression since no one had the advantage in clear hits. (for every pac punch, marq countered with one of his own)
Rd 9 - Pac
Rd 10 - Pac
Rd 11 - Marq
Rd 12 - Pac --> both fighters tentative in the final rd. But Pac landed a solid punch at the close of the rd.

I scored it exactly as Judge Dave Moretti had, including which rounds were given to whom.

After 11 rounds, i had it 105-104 for Pacman, therefore for me, the 12th round decided it all. Had Marq won this round, i would have scored it a draw at 114-114.


When you see the fight for the first time, Marquez definitely "looked" like he won  because he took his rounds in such a dominant fashion. In rounds 5 and 7, he was all over pacquiao, schooling him with accurate and crisp hits. The most memorable hits of the fight were definitely by Marquez. On the flip side, i cant remember a single round that pac won in similar fashion. Pac won more rounds in the cards but not as convincing as the rounds won by Marquez, but the fight needs to be judged an per round basis which favors the more active pac.

To give you an idea how hard this fight is to score, note that there were at least 5 rounds that could have gone either way. If you had given just 2 rounds, just 2 of the 5 rounds to a fighter, this is a 4-point swing in the cards, and you end up REVERSING the result.

Pac might have won the fight, but he wasn't necessarily the better fighter, and its perfectly ok for me to say that. In my opinion, Morales is a better fighter than Pac, but we all know how Pac annihilated him. It happens, and thats boxing.    

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