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Friday, March 23, 2012


The sea is blood creeping on my toes,
tears of pain washing me in agony.
The waves, so huge and strong,
fueling my incessant fear.
The sands beneath my feet are tiny shards of glass,
seeping through my veins, oh it really hurts.
The water, ragingly washing my feet is a trap,
bringing me progressive atrophy.
The wind is wailing, bellowing in my ears,
so loud that I wish to be deaf.
The sky -- a dark blanket, thick and intimidating
warning me of the brewing storm.
The moonlight is as hazy as the fog,
engulfing me as if it owns me.
In each step, gravity is pulling me closer,
the longer I stay, the harder it is to leave...

I don't belong here,
this isn't supposed to be my destination...
I may have gone astray,
how I reached this place, I don't know...
I am scared, perturbed and distressed,
still, it just happened so here I go.
But as spring ends into fall like nature dictates,
so shall this delusion.
I may have to stay longer, perhaps close to infinity,
that will drain my connection away.
Though I believe beyond the clouds,
there's a sun dozing temporarily.
So absorbed in its peaceful slumbering,
telling me to rest along.
I am so tired that I closed my eyes,
and just waited for the approaching redemption.

September 28, 2007
Fam Mam

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