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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excerpts from Prelude to a Better Life

The book's front and back cover.
I always feel inspired to write whenever I'm at the height of my emotions. I'm not a professional writer whatsoever, but writing has always been my outlet whenever I want to express myself out.

Anyway, eons ago, I had written some sort of a novel. It's called "Prelude to a Better Life", which is *ehem* about how "we" ended up together. I've copied and pasted some excerpts which I think I can safely share. Here goes:


End of the First Term

 .......Today is the last day of the semester. I woke up with full conviction that I should at least say goodbye to him. I even rehearsed in front of the mirror.
         “Hey, hope to see you next sem?!” eww, kind of desperate...
         “Hi, happy vacation!” good, but can I really say that sounding happy?
         “GOODBYE! Enjoy the sembreak!” this one will do. Simple yet, double-meaning.
         Come to the classroom early though you know he’s always late. Go to the restroom, fix your face, practice your smile, smoothen out your clothes. Go back to the room. He’s still not there. Go downstairs. Buy a drink and then go back. No sign of him. Decide to go outside the building. Find a secluded spot where you can see him enter the edifice. 3 minutes. Nothing. 5 minutes... Rrinngggggggg! Uh-oh that’s the bell. Rush back to the room. The professor is already inside. “Ma’am sorry I’m late.” Everybody’s looking at you. Your friends are staring at you questionably. When seated, grab your mirror and take a look at yourself. My goodness! You look like you just came out of an oven. Hair flying everywhere, face slick with oil and your blouse has pit stains. Ugh! Somebody enters, look immediately. It’s not him. Get some powder and dust your face while the professor’s back is on you, and for chris sakes! Comb your hair! He enters. Now what?!.................


What a ‘Coincidence’!!

...........Another ‘coincidence’ plan: it’s V-day, and out of curiosity, I wonder if he’s got something for me. You know, like a bouquet, or a long-stemmed rose, or maybe, to make it subtle, a small, handpicked flower... I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but I’m hoping nonetheless. Who knows? Maybe a miracle is coming my way... Yah, yah, I’m desperate, but who the hell cares?!
         Dressed in perfection (again), I decided to seat strategically at a Mini-Stop just outside the campus where I could see him pass by on his way to class. My plan is something like this: Upon seeing him, I’ll follow him silently and walk as fast as I can until I’m a little ahead of him. Then, I’ll drop a book on purpose, look behind me in the midst of picking the book, and act kinda surprised to see him. Brilliant eh? Haha!
         At about 2:50 p.m., I saw him. I immediately left my position and started going after him. I was a little disappointed because his backpack seemed to be empty. Even so, I’m still sticking to my plan. Maybe he’ll greet me the sweetest “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with matching, “I love you!”. Oh, just thinking of him and his voice makes me so happy. Hehe.
         We were walking on a wide street and I was still behind him. Funny, I noticed that he’s looking at every car’s side-mirror to check on himself. I never thought that he could be vain. What’s more funny was that he’s walking in a zigzagging motion, going from one car to another on the opposite side of the street, and back again, and so on and so forth, and I found it really challenging to follow him.
         After a couple of seconds, our gap widened. He’s so fast! I couldn’t catch up! Hello! Are we on a race here? Hey, please slow down!! Gah, I wouldn’t be able to take it if my plan failed again... Run girl, run!!!
         We arrived in the room 30-seconds apart. Obviously, he was the first to arrive, and I was panting after him. I wasn’t able to catch up because of many obstacles: his a-la-marathon speed, my high-heeled shoes, my A-line skirt which made it hard for me to walk in strides, plenty of girls carrying giant bouquets that are blocking my way, plenty of evening students rushing to beat the 3:00 bell, plenty of mid-students rushing to go home, a bunch of people flirting on the stairs and along the corridors, et cetera.
         After catching my breath, I learned from a friend of mine that the boys had pitched in a few bucks to buy roses for their girl classmates. Wow, this smells good! Maybe he would be the one to hand me my rose. Gosh! I’m so excited!  Hey woman, don’t look at him, he might feel shy. Just pretend to be doing something, so when he gave you your flower, you’d look genuinely surprised. Bow your head, and act as if you’re reading a book!
         Then I grabbed the nearest book I could get my hands on. It was a Theology book! Wow, when did I ever learn reading a religious book?! On the afterthought, maybe that’s what I really need right now, God’s mighty intervention..........

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